Best Catering In Ayanavaram
Company Profile

We at Srinidhi Carting Servicing was incorporated in the year of 2005 since then we have been mainly focusing on offering excellent service to our clients for various occasions from weddings to corporate events and for other special occasions in of your life, like Marriage Functions, Birthday Parties etc and we are not limited to just offering our catering service, we also are capable of offering you an excellent decorations and flower arrangements. We take up the orders as a package and offer you everything you need in an event, function, party or commercial meeting.

We provide a wide variety of food which are both nutritious and Hygienic on perpetration and servicing with the help of the latest Equipment and methods. We provide the needs of the clients with a wide variety of nutritious and tasty many which covers Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks and midnight late snacks. We have a latest new variety kitchen to prepare all the catering recipes neat and hygienic. We deliver healthy and pallet pleasing food and present ourselves pleasing and as professional.

Director Profile

Srinidhi Catering was established by Mr.N.Hariharan, who has over 15 years of experience in the catering industry. He holds a Bachelor degree in Mathematics. Under the efficient leadership of the Director, we have grown at a phenomenal rate. Since our establishment Mr.Hariharan has been supportive and provided guidance in all necessary directions that led us towards the success of our business. He is an efficient leader with a passion for catering and drive for success through quality services. We are known as one of the best catering and decoration service provides in the city.

Management Team

Our management Team is one of the best in what they do. We have the best professional personal that put the individual clients’ needs and requirements first. We have a team of members for each department who specialise in the managing and servicing of the needs. We can provide any type of service in any style needed like north Indian or south Indian carting

Our Speciality

We mainly focus on providing the best of services and timely services which is the main goal of our organization. We also specialize in our sweets and deserts which are made by using the freshest ingredients. We undertake package order that includes all the decoration and necessities when comes to events like Marriages, Birthday parties, Commercial Meetings etc. And we provide a wide range of services not only limited by the menu.